California Witchcamp 2019
June 2019
Northern California, Mendocino Woodlands

Food at Witchcamp

California Witchcamp has great food, headed up for over a decade by our lead cook -
Carin McKay (see Carin's links on recommends page).

Our food is delicious, rich, healthy and all vegetarian. Vegan and wheat free options are available at every single meal, including desserts, which you must have pre-ordered on the registration form. We cannot cater to special needs beyond these options.

We do provide some snacks--there will always be bread/including wheat free and peanut butter, jelly etc for sandwiches, fruit and tea and coffee. The coffee is decent and plentiful for you hard-core coffee drinkers. We also have plenty of food for everyone, no scarcity issue here. We serve amazing desserts after ritual every night, and have our very own dessert chef, Nora, she sometimes spends the whole week making ice-cream enough for 100 people for one dessert. The magical desserts include carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, florentines, baklava. We cannot provide kitchen space for campers to cook sorry. There is a fridge in the dining hall for campers to store personal items.