California Witchcamp 2019
June 2019
Northern California, Mendocino Woodlands

What to Bring to Witchcamp / Pack List

Camping gear, it gets to very low 40's (Fahrenheit) sometimes, so come prepared, as we will not have extra bedding. You need to bring your own tent, bedding, and pad. Also if you wish to sleep outside bring a bug net, it makes for sane sleeps.

The cabins are rustic, so they have no electricity. The lower half is wooden with a wooden roof, and, instead of windows, they have bug screens, so it can get quite cold at night. Some people bring plastic to put up at the windows, or fabric and pushpins work well, if you require more privacy. We cannot use candles in the cabins, as requested by the woodland staff. The dining hall and showers have electricity.

Showers etc
There is only one shower block, to be shared by all. This shower is for all genders. There are also a few private showers for those wishing privacy.

View and/or print this prep list in pdf format.

Prep List:


Clothes for warm days and very cold evenings
Flashlight and batteries - there is no electricity in the cabins. It is REALLY dark under the big trees
Bedding, as the camp only supplies beds. Last year people were COLD, please bring warm bedding, and warm clothing
Plastic flip flops/thongs for the shower
Comfy walking shoes/shoes - for walking around camp and for at the river
Sunscreen and sunhat - plenty of shade at camp
Water bottle - important for hiking
Cushion, mat/ground cloth, or portable chair
Coat hangers for clothing - there are closets in the cabins
Alarm clock or watch
Cash in US currency - for the pagan marketplace and scholarship fundraising raffle
2 towels and personal toiletries
Bug repellent - thousands of mosquitoes at sunset
Basic first aid supplies

Witchy Things

Ritual wear and jewelry
- (bring lots of fun outfits or you will wish you did)
Costumes/makeup - for rituals and talent show (and any other time!)
Items for altars

Optional Items

Craft supplies to share - scissors, glue, pictures, crayons, pens, and paper
Networking items
Spellcraft items
Decorations for the dining room
Herbal first aid remedies to share (not marijuana)
Drums and other musical instruments
Extra snacks if needed, i.e. chocolate
Writing journal and writing instruments

Items for decorating the dining hall
Twinkle lights
battery candles