June 28th through July 5th 2020

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General Information About Witchcamp

This is an extraordinary event for extraordinary people.

Share in a week of Reclaiming style, earth based spirituality and magic. Come and study magic and ritual in a week long Intensive. Witchcamp is offered to all genders at all levels of experience. Newcomers can learn the basic skills of magic and ritual, working with the elements, movement, sound and the mythological and historical framework of the Goddess Tradition. Advanced classes offer the chance to apply the tools of ritual to personal healing and empowerment, or a focus on taking the Craft out into the world, creating public ritual, ongoing groups, and healing issues surrounding leadership and power. This event is a deeply moving, life changing week and a constant experiment in temporary village life. We will also look at ways of bringing this work and inspiration into our everyday lives, creating powerful, joyful times. We welcome people of all genders, gender histories, and orientations, and we encourage you to feel safe to explore the fluidity of your identity, if you so choose.

California Witchcamp is held on the traditional land of the Pomo, close to the Bu’ldam village site. We acknowledge their leaders, past present, and emerging. You can learn more about the Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians at www.sherwoodvalleybandofpomo.com. Witchcamp is held at what is now known as the Mendocino Woodlands, located just far enough outside the town of Mendocino to avoid coastal fog. The camp is set among a mature Redwood/Douglas Fir forest, creating a beautiful, peaceful setting. The cabins are rustic, but pretty. Camping is also an option. A small river runs through the camp, and is the home of steelhead trout.

Reclaiming Tradition and Witchcamp Culture

Witchcamp is embedded within a larger, worldwide community collectively called The Reclaiming Tradition. This inclusive, evolving eco-feminist community has been creating and refining collaborative ritual for social change for over 30 years and has influenced numerous other traditions and movements. Reclaiming leaders and members have shared this collective work within the realms of social justice/restorative justice, environmental justice, anti-racism and multicultural understanding, the arts, spiritual movements, political advocacy and policy creation, education and all manner of healing communities and modalities.

At this moment in time, when the world feels deeper in crisis, we believe that this kind of connective ritual is more important than ever. The work of Reclaiming and others who have been creating ritual as a crucial part of the social justice movement fabric for decades has been misunderstood and largely invisible. Until very recently, ritual was not embraced as a necessary part of modern living and especially as an important part of social change. But now there is a real need for this work to be utilized and seen. Part of the integrity of the Reclaiming Community and Witchcamp is grounded in the collaborative, consensus based process that illustrates a sharing of power and otherwise refutes the normative leadership/hero worship structures that much of our culture is based upon. It is also work that speaks to the parts of us that are so hungry for meaning, connection, inspiration and play! The kind and texture of community that coalesces around connection, meaning and creativity is profound and can create the necessary foundation for real social change. As we are awakened to our connection to all beings and the great web of life, so then we are inspired to work to protect that web from harm. In other words, Witchcamp is not merely a vacation, a festival or a social gathering. It is a place where individual lives can radically shift and where conscious community can be invented and invoked.

We strive toward a camp culture that recognizes both the value of the individual and the wisdom of the collective…co-creating new forms of leadership, practice and community. We invite you to bring your desire and vision for the world to this on-going and inspiring conversation.

For more information on Reclaiming please go to www.reclaiming.org

Visit the Witchcamp Council's page on Who & What is the Reclaiming Tradition

What to Expect at Camp

On the first night, each of the teachers will introduce themselves and explain the path/class they will be teaching for the week. Each morning, the class/path you have chosen meets from 9.30 to 12.30. You stay with the same class all week, as the work you do follows through each day. In the afternoons, your affinity group will meet for an hour after lunch. These groups are formed on Monday. This group is a place for you to share and get emotional support, create art, or whatever your group chooses to focus on. Afternoons are also a time for optional offerings from our teaching staff and our many talented campers. Nighttime is when the whole camp comes together for our evening rituals. Witchcamp has a different theme and story each year, and this theme and story are what the nighttime rituals are built around. One of our nights will be saved for the ever-famous Talent Show. We also offer other nighttime activities, a dance party, and a more erotic dessert night. (Plus other spontaneous shenanigans.) Together we will participate in a magical journey of spiritual and personal growth.

Drugs and Alcohol. Witchcamp is a drug and alcohol free event

Witchcamp is 100% drug and alcohol free. In the Reclaiming Tradition, all events are drug and alcohol free and we believe it is possible to attain higher states of consciousness without the use of mind altering substances. We also have many people in recovery, so one of the reasons for having a drug and alcohol free camp is out of respect for them. Some people advocate the use of intoxicants for spiritual purposes, that practice is contrary to the intention of Witchcamp, as we create a very tight and special magical container to do deep spiritual, transformative work. Alcohol and marijuana and other drugs are not welcome at Witchcamp, please do not bring them with you. As part of our commitment to building community and creating a safe container for all, we can ask you to leave if you do not respect this, with no refunds.

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