California Witchcamp 2018
Sunday June 24th through Sunday July 1st 2018
Northern California, Mendocino Woodlands

Elements of Magik: Answering Aradia's Call
With Miria and James Nelson Campbell

“Come, gather together in a forest
and adore the spirit of my Mother, Diana.
For those who seek, She will teach the hidden ways…”

Join us, as we answer Aradia’s call and gather in a forest to seek knowledge of the hidden ways, to learn the Craft, to discover for ourselves what it means to be Witch. Come circle with each other and with the Divine, and ignite a love affair with the Elements that dance all around us, with us, through us - that ARE us.

Fall deeply, viscerally, and passionately in love with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Experience them intimately and directly. Feel them in your heart and soul. Know where they live in your body. Open wide the doors to these magical relationships that will prove to be deep, sustaining and life-long. Learn how to access their knowledge, wisdom and powers, and how to reciprocate with the gifts of your heart and your humanity.

Here you will find a circle that supports your journey while pushing your edges and challenging the limiting beliefs of the over-culture that may have seeped unnoticed into your stories, psyche and soul. Learn the powers of the Witch; word and thought, action and deed. Fall in love with the magic of Magik, with the knowledge that this life is a participatory dance with EVERYTHING. Come fall in love with yourself, beloved and divine child of earth and sky.

The Elements are both the beginning and the end… If you are new to Reclaiming, this is the place to learn, to dare, to dance, to explore and to experiment, to be-friend rock and root, wind and voice, heat and passion, river and rain, and to feel the connection between you and the Divine grow stronger and deeper. If you are more experienced with the Craft and are feeling a call to leadership, this path welcomes you as well. We offer space to explore what that means, room to offer your gifts and support for the growth of your priestessing skills.

If you are a newcomer to Reclaiming and have not taken the Elements of Magic class before, you will be required to take this path at camp.

Aradia says, “Come, gather together in a forest and learn the craft.”


The Path of the Wild Witch
With Amoret BriarRose and Seraphina.

"One day Melambo asked his mother how it was that while it had been promised that he should know the language of all living things, it had not yet come to pass. And his mother replied: "Patience, my son, for it is by waiting and watching ourselves that we learn how to be taught..." - From “Diana, Queen of the Serpents, Giver of the Gift of Languages”

We call to those who would learn the language of soil, of rock, of plant, animal and elemental. We call to those who would work deep magic with the eros of the natural world, who would cast spells with the allies of our bioregion. We call to those who would commune deeply with the world that we are immersed in, supported by, and dependent upon. Together, we reawaken to the spirit of place and land. We come to know the language of all things, cracking open the rigidity of the domesticated human. We call to the feral, wild witch.

In this path, we will work magic with the animate world of the Mendocino Woodlands. Through spellwork, meditation, movement, song and silence, we will further respectful relationship with the land. With trance, divination, aspecting and Plant Spirit Journeying, we will connect with the living energies around us, engaging in reciprocal relationship. We will develop daily practice techniques to sustain deep connection with the erotic vital force of life.

This path is open to all that have taken Elements of Magic.

Witching the Resistance: Right and Left Handed Magic for Our Times
With Heidi Belili Marian and Copper Persephone

“...she hummed the song, it was as the buzzing of bees, a spinning-wheel spinning life.”

What does it mean deeply acknowledge the parts of us raised and immersed in racism, colonization, misogyny; ecological destruction and numbness?

How do we stay awake and alive - holding embodied Ecstasy, Eros and Self-Care as acts of resistance?

How do we remember, reconnect, listen with our whole selves, letting the messages and wisdom that vision a new future move into action?

How do we release into Dreaming and believing into hope; into what is still possible and, as Witches, wield our right and left hand magic to be agents of change?

This is a path for changemakers, edgewalkers, visionaries and healers. This is a path to expand our stories about what Activism is. This is Aradia’s Cauldron of Transformation.

With the aid of the Wasps and the Bees as allies, we answer the call to resistance and dream new futures together. We honor Aradia, and her gift to humanity: liberatory, revolutionary witchcraft. Inviting expansion into tools for magical revolutionary arts, we discover our magic and ways we may offer it to the world. We celebrate the right and left handed path through spellcraft, divination, oracular arts, sex magic, bindrunes and sigils. With the Green Bloods, Red Bloods and Ancestors as guides, we encounter deep ecology. Pulsing with the life force of the living earth, we allow messages and wisdom to move through us into action against all dominant culture messages of oppression. Acknowledging our fears and our grief, we drink deeply from the well of our Craft.

This will be a space to acknowledge oppressions that have been imposed and cultivate allyship together. We will lovingly craft of a culture rooted in unapologetic fierce self care and healing. Throughout the week, we will explore extended ecstatic states including movement, channeling erotic energy to charge intentions and spells; as well as engage in trance, deep listening and aspecting.

Participants in this path will have taken Elements of Magic and are willing to stretch edges around nudity. All bodies and physical abilities are welcome.

Conjurations and Incantations - Embodied Spells for Healing and Justice With Suzanne and Caduceus

By leaf and by root,
by seed and by bark,
we weave spells.
By blood and by bone,
by breath and by spark,
we weave spells.

Do you yearn to tap into the wildness and depth of your powerful witchy soul, utilize a multifaceted array of tools and create spells that speak to the rising tide of hatred and violence…spells to bring about authentic healing and restorative justice?

We will examine our own personal and historical complicity in the current state of the world, by working with the divine rooted in our bodies and the powers of trance and aspecting. We will cast off the known parts of ourselves and invite the unknown and collective wild to point us toward a different liberation. All this we will use to receive inspiration and information for the formulation of both individual and collective spells for change, and to find new magics to bring forth.

We will tango with time and mambo with the minutes as we work temporal magic and time as both eternal and ephemeral ally. We will explore numerous pathways for accessing wisdom information and learn about methods of spellwork that have been employed by witches that have gone before us, and by witches that will come after us.

We will sing sigils seismic in their powers to shift and for purposes previously unknown to us. We will move our bodies and perform sacred theatre to conjure our wild wisdom into new forms. We will then ignite a creative response that is both highly personal and tapped into the collective forces gathering at this crucial time on our planet.

Bring your activist/artist/witch self to meet the rising tide of violence and despair with unabashed intensity, fierce compassion to cook spells from existing recipes, but also write brand new recipes for changing the all the worlds.

The Oracle of the Witches: Scrying in the Darkness With Ravyn Stanfield and Urania

Dark is the night
Still is the air
Full is the moon
The ancestors gather around the table,
Whisper in the ear of the medium,
Overturn the cards,
Tell the story we most need to hear.
Their presence anoints us.
Their words are blessings,
Reminders of the work before us,
The gifts among us.
Leadership is required.
Love is required.

Listen, Witches.

When was the last time you experienced the kind of deep magic that almost frightens you? Tarot. Séance. Scrying. Psychic readings. Tea. We dive into the ancestry of the Craft, investigating our roots in spiritualism, divination, and communication with the dead. We will use a liberationist lens to explore what our forbears discovered in these pursuits and to reveal their colonial blind spots. What is fortune telling? How do we remember or revive ancestor worship for these times? What happens after we die? What does it mean to become excellent listeners and effective storytellers?

Please bring a tarot deck (though we will have extras, you will want your own for this work), a willingness to suspend disbelief, an open heart, a scarf or bandana, items that belonged to your ancestors, food to share for a Dumb Supper (that does not need to be refrigerated) and Victorian costumes (if you like).

Witches heal and change and anoint the world. We will share knowledge and experience of Tarot and psychic mediumship. We will reclaim the practice of séance. We will sing with our ancestors and ask for help for our planet. Together, with the voices of the land and sea and sky we might yet change the course of lives, nations, worlds.

This is an advanced path. We ask that you be well on your way to Know Thy Self. Please have taken Elements of Magic and have incredible boundaries and some experience with aspecting. If this is your first Witchcamp, please talk with Ravyn or Urania before taking this path.